PortableTesters.com is your online source for digital handheld portable testing instruments, spare parts, accessories, and repair service. We serve technically-oriented users in the fields of engineering, research, technical services, manufacturing, maintenance and quality control.

For characterizing the surface of materials, we offer two different surface roughness testers, the TR100 and the TR200, as well as a series of gloss meters.

To measure the hardness of metals and alloys, we have three different configurations of the Leebs-type rebound portable hardness tester. They are the H1800, H2000, and H4000.

Thickness measurement is addressed with our series of ultrasonic thickness gauges, UT-110, UT-210, UT-310, MMX-6, CMX, and PX-7. To determine the thickness of coatings on metals and non-metals, the versatile PosiTector 6000 and PosiTector 200  coating thickness gauges are detailed.

The FD580 ultrasonic flaw detector characterizes internal soundness of large items such as castings and forgings while the portable metallurgical microscope, M500, will assist in determining the type of microstructure of large metal parts that cannot be accommodated by the laboratory bench-top microscope..

To assess the condition of rotating machinery, we offer two vibration meter models, the PVM 100 and PVM 200.




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