Our Services

tip_orange_dots Calibration – Special Certified. We can provide the following certifications for many of our instruments: ISO17025, NIST traceable and ASTM Standard. Also, we offer certified and calibrated test blocks for hardness, surface roughness and ultrasonic thickness testers.
tip_orange_dots Calibration – Standard. Our service department performs repairs on all instruments and calibrates them in accordance with ASTM and NIST standards.  For most of our instruments, calibration certificates are provided free of charge with the initial purchase.
tip_orange_dots Repair – Our on-staff technician handles warranty service and repairs of all instruments sold by PortableTesters.com LLC.
tip_orange_dots Shipment – We use customer-preferred carriers to ship our instruments and accessories from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
tip_orange_dots Warranty – We offer free warranty service for a period of 18 months beginning with the date an instrument is purchased. The warranty covers only defects caused by faulty workmanship or material (including electronics).


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