Portable Hardness Testers

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Portable Hardness Testers

PortableTesters.com LLC offers three electronic rebound-type (Leeb’s) portable hardness testers for metal and alloys: H1800 (economical), H2000 (versatile), and H4000 (full-featured). These hardness testers are perfect for in-situ testing applications such as determining the hardness of large, heavy parts not suited to being tested with conventional bench-top hardness testing machines. Each testing instrument automatically compensates for out-of-position testing. Optional ISO 17025 calibration is available for all models.

The measuring accuracy of our four rebound-type portable hardness testers is +/- 0.5%.  All instruments are CE-approved and conform to ASTM A956-02.  High-quality industrial-level electronic circuit boards are used in the manufacture of the instrument microprocessors thereby allowing hardness testing in an extended ambient temperatures as low as -25° Centigrade.

The H1800, H2000, and H4000 portable hardness testers are all menu-driven and have membrane-type keypads and bright, clear OLED displays. Each model is capable of displaying the measured Leeb’s hardness (HL) as   well as the customer-selected conversion to either Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers or Shore hardness value. Prior to shipping, all hardness testers are calibrated by PTc using a test block which is traceable to national standards (NIST).

PTc in-house technical personnel handle any required warranty or repair service.  We carry an extensive inventory of spare parts and optional accessories. Optional ISO 17025 calibration is available for all models.