Portable Metallurgical Microscopes

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Portable Metallurgical Microscopes

Portable metallurgical microscopes are ideally suited for the metallographic examination of large objects that cannot be inspected with a conventional bench-top microscope.  For example, the ability to view and analyse microstructures of on-site items is extremely important in the manufacturing quality control as well as failure analysis of large steel mill rolls.

The key desired features of a portable metallurgical microscope are light weight, a good method of positioning, good illumination source and ease of operation.

As might be expected, special tools are needed to prepare the designated area for examination.  Just as in the laboratory environment, grinding, polishing and etching are necessary in the shop setting.  For this purpose, mini-grinders or portable electrolytic polishers are employed. Etching  procedures and etchants are very much the same used in the laboratory.

PortableTesters.com  LLC is  offering one such microscope, the M500,
as well as  some optional acessories: metallographic preparation tools, camera adapter and camera.