Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

The ultrasonic thickness gauges from PortableTesters.com LLC are hand-held, microprocessor-controlled instruments specifically designed for measuring the wall thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials: e.g., steel, aluminum, plastics, ceramics, glass and any other good ultrasonic-wave conductor with reasonably parallel top and bottom surfaces.

These instruments are used in many areas such as manufacturing and construction to perform accurate measurements on component parts.  They can also be used to monitor pipes, tanks or pressure vessels for loss of wall thickness due to corrosion or erosion. Moreover, advanced models have flaw detection capability.

Thickness measurement by ultrasonic technology is accomplished by transmittinga sound wave from the surface of the test object, through the object and reflecting the wave from the first interior surface that is encountered. The microprocessor then uses the time of flight data with a preselected sound velocity for subject material to determine thickness. For most of our UT gauges, a split-face transducer or probe provides for both transmission and receiving of the ultrasonic wave.

The PTc models are manufactured with industrial-quality circuit boards which allows for operation of the processor at ambient temperatures down to -25° C.

Our in-house technical personnel handle any required warranty or repair service, and we carry an extensive inventory of spare parts and optional accessories. Optional ISO 17025 calibration is available for all models.