H2000 Portable Hardness Tester


The H2000 portable hardness tester features a light-weight processor with wrist-attached processor case for easy data viewing and menu selection. This model may be  fitted with any one of several impact probes.

The H2000 portable hardness tester is an advanced hand-held unit with high accuracy, wide measuring range and easy operation. It is suitable for testing the hardness of many metals and alloys and is especially useful for on-site testing of large structures or assembled components. Leeb’s-type rebound hardness testers are widely used in manufacturing plants, testing laboratories and engineering companies.



Small, light weight processor
Processor case may be strapped to wrist
Menu operation
Large LCD display with back-light
High accuracy
Automatic mean-value display
Accommodation for all impact devices:D,DC,D+15,G,C, DL, E;
no recalibration required
Display of hardness in HL, HRC, HRB, HB, HV & HS
Testing can be performed at any angle
RS 232 interface to PC or micro-printer
Conforms to ASTM A956


Hardness scales:  HL, HRC, HRB, HB, HV and HS convertible
Impact devices: D (standard), DL,DC, D+15, C, G (optional)
Accuracy ±0.5 %
LCD display with back light
Statistics function: Average / Max. / Min. value calculation
Limits setting and alarm
Data storage with Output Data View software & RS 232 cable
Maximum hardness value:
999 HV (Impact devices D, DC, DL, D+15, C)
68 HRC (Impact devices D, DC, DL,  D+15, C)
680 HB (Impact device G)
Minimum sample weight :
2 kg on solid support
0.2 kg with couplant paste
Minimum thickness coupled:
5 mm (Impact device D/DC/DL/D+15)
3 mm (Impact device C)
10 mm (Impact device G)
Low battery indicator
Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
Operating temperature: -20°C to 40 ° C
Dimensions: 108 mm×62 mm×25 mm
Weight: 180 g

Standard Package:

Main processor
Impact device D
LD test block
Calibration certificate
Leather porch
Software with RS232 cable
Battery pack with cleaning brush
Instruction manual and carrying case

Optional Accessories:

Micro printer
Support rings for curved surfaces
Impact device DC, C, D+15, G, DL


Materials & Measuring Range HL: 174 – 960)

    Steel & cast steel 19-68 38-100 80-683 80-1027 32-102
    Cold work tool steel 20-67 80-900
    Stainless steel 20-62 46-102 85-655 85-800
    Grey cast iron 93-334
    Nodular cast iron 130-390
    Cast aluminum alloys 20-160
    Copper/Zinc alloys (brass) 13-95 40-173
 Cu Al/ Cu Sn alloys (bronze) 60-290
    Wrought copper alloys 45-315


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