R7000 Surface Roughness Tester


The new touch-screen PTc R7000 Surface Roughness Tester is capable of determining 45 roughness parameters. Stored test results & surface profiles can be outputted to a PC.

The new touch-screen PTc R7000 surface roughness tester is suitable for use in laboratories, factory metrology rooms, quality control areas and the manufacturing floor.

For testing the surface roughness of various machined components, this instrument allows the user to select as many as 45 roughness parameters such as Ra, Rz etc.

The test results, including surface profiles, are stored in the R7000 unit and can be outputted to a PC.

  • Accuracy (≤±10%)
  • Repeatability (≤6%)
  • Measurement Range (+/- 400μm)


  • Multi-parameter measuring: Ra、Rp、Rv、Rt、Rz、Rq、Rsk、Rku、Rc、RPc、RSm、Rmr(c)、tp、Rmr、Rpm、Rz1max、RzJIS、Rmax、Htp、Rδc、RΔq、RΔa、 Pa、Pp、Pv、Pt、Pz、Pq、Psk、Pku、Pc、PSm、Pmr(c)、Pmr、Pz1max、PzJIS、Pδc、PΔq、Rk、Rpk、Rvk、Mr1、Mr2、A1、A2
  • Touch screen / TIFT coloured LED display
  • High accuracy inductance pickup
  • Filtering methods of 2RC, GAUSS
  • Conforms to standards of ISO1997, ANSI and JIS2001
  • Display showing all parameters values and graphs after measurement
  • Can be connected to PC or mini printer to print all parameters and graphs
  • Both USB port and RS232 interface
  • Automatic switch-off

Technical Specifications

Test Principle Inductance type
Measurement Range 400 μm
Stylus tip Radius 5 μm/2 μm
Stylus tip Material Diamond
Measuring force 4mN/0.75mN
Stylus tip Angle 90°/60°
Radius of Skid curvature 45 mm
Maximum drive range 19 mm/0.748 inch
Traversing speed Measuring: Cut-off length = 0.08 mm, Vt = 0.25 mm/s
Cut-off length = 0.25 mm, Vt= 0.25mm/s
Cut-off length = 0.8 mm,  Vt = 0.5 mm/s
Cut-off length = 2.5 mm,  Vt = 1mm/s
Returning V=1mm/s
Accuracy Less than or equal to ±10%
Repeatability ≤6%
Cut-Off Length 0.08 mm,0.25 mm,0.8 mm,2.5 mm Selectable
Evaluation Length (1~5 ) L Selectable
Measuring rang and resolution Measuring Range Resolution
Automatic 0.001 μm       0.008 μm
±50 μm 0.001 μm
±400 μm 0.008 μm
Power Built-in Li battery
Power adapter Input: 100 V to 240V AC,50/60Hz Output: 9V, 3A DC
Working environment Temperature: 0℃~40℃Humidity: < 90% RH
Storage and transport
Temperature: – 40℃ to 60℃Humidity: < 90% RH
Dimensions 155.4 × 75 × 56 mm
Weight Approximately 760 g


PTc R7000 main unit

Standard pickup stylus transducer

Calibration certificate

Roughness standard

Software and connection cable

Levelling support

Protective nose


Typical Applications

Tests are performed on machined and ground metal parts in a variety of manufacturing operations, quality control areas and laboratories to evaluate the surface quality.  Some non-metals are amenable to testing with a stylus-type unit such as the R7000.  Sometimes the stylus is unable to perform its function because of excessive surface friction or gouging such as in attempting to test rubber.

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