UT-310 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


The UT-310 ultrasonic thickness gauge is  designed to read wall thickness through paint or coating.

The UT-310 ultrasonic thickness gauge is  pocket-sized and easy to operate . This instrument may be setup to measure in one of three different modes: pulse-echo (P-E), echo-echo (E-E) and Scan. To measure wall thickness through a coated or painted surface, use the E-E  mode for thicknesses of 3 to 25mm and the  P-E mode for thicknesses of: 0.65 to 400 mm.

Automatic probe recognition, automatic probe zeroing, and large memory (5,000 readings with location number) are other outstanding features of the UT-310.


  • Three measurement modes: pulse-echo (P-E), echo-echo (E-E) and scan
  • Through-coating wall thickness measurement using (E-E) – Measuring Range: E-E: 3 to 25mm P-E: 0.65 to 400 mm (Range depends on probe/material combination)
  • Automatic probe zero
  • Automatic probe identification or recognition
  • Memory: 5,000 readings with location number
  • Data output: USB to PC
  • Up to nine material velocities may be stored for selection, or a new velocity manual inputted


Measurement mode

  • Standard measurement: for normal ultrasonic thickness measurement.
  • Minimum measurement: for curved surface
  • Differential measurement: displays the difference from the actual thickness
  • Measurement or from a user entered reference value
  • Average measurement : 2-9 point selectable
  • Limit measurement: Min. Max setting and alarm
  • The metal wall thickness is accurately and quickly measured through surface coating
  • Thickness value at 10 measurements per second while also display actual thickness (Ideal for high temp. thickness readings)

Probe identity: Automatic

Probe zero:  Automatic at power up and continuously during the measurement

Gain adjust: 

  • Automatic gain adjustment
  • Manual gain adjustment: low, standard and high

Memory: 5,000 groups (reading plus location number)

Output: USB to PC

Measuring Range:

  • E-E : 3 to 25mm
  • P-E: 0.65 to 400mm (range depends on probe/material combination)


  • 0.01mm (0.001 in) for thickness up to 99.99mm (3.93 in)
  • 0.1mm ( 0.01 in) for thickness above 99.99mm (3.93 in)

Information Display: Measurement reading, Probe type, Velocity, Measurement mode,                               Measurement  symbol, Battery-life indication

Velocity range: Nine material velocities are stored for selection; alternatively, manually enter the               new velocity (1000m/s to 9999m/s)

Vel. measurement: Simply calibrate when a material’s velocity is unknown

Display: 128 x 64 graphics LCD monochrome

Battery Type: 2 AAA Alkaline

Battery life: Up to 50 hours (without using backlight)

Shut off: Selectable: auto, 2 min., 5 min. or never

Working Temperature: -20℃ to +50℃

Unit: mm or inch

Dimensions: 115mm x 64mm x 27mm

Weight: 220g

Standard Delivery:

  • Main unit
  • Standard 5-MHz transducer (D5301)
  • Built-in calibration block (4mm thick)
  • Couplant (4 oz)
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operation manual
  • Carrying case
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