UT-410 A/B Scan Ultrasonic Gauge


The UT-410 A/B Ultrasonic Gauge has both large-digit A-Scan  and time-based B-Scan capability and stores up to 10,000 readings.


The A-Scan in the UT-410 A/B ultrasonic gauge is used  in the pulse-echo mode for detecting pits and flaws; it is also used in the echo-echo mode to measure wall thickness through paint and coatings.  The B-Scan display shows the cross section of the test material to reveal flaws.

The UT-410 stores up to 10,000 readings as alphanumeric information.  Data output is direct without driver through a USB port.


  • 320×240 TFT color screen
  • Measurement mode: (P-E) pulse-echo and (E-E) thru-paint
  • A-scan and B-scan
  • Automatic probe zeroing & calibration
  • Automatic probe identify
  • Measuring range: P-E mode: 0.65-400.0mm E-E mode: 3.00-25.0mm
  • Option in Gain, Gate and Blank setting
  • Standard 5.0MHz transducer included; optional transducers available
  • Display resolution 0.01mm/ 0.001in
  • Memory: 10000 readings in 100 files
  • USB output, works easily with any Windows OS, both 64 and 32 bits.
  • Multiple language support
  • 2-year warranty


Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃ (-14℉to 662℉)
Keyboard: Membrane switch with 8 tactile keys

Case: ABS plastic

Data Output: USB port; Data output directly without any driver

Display: 320×240 TFT color display

Weight: 260g

Size: 133L×75W×29H mm (5.2L×3.0W×1.1H inch)

Measurement Modes: Pulse-Echo, Echo-Echo (thru-paint)

Receiver: Manual or auto gain control with 50dB range depending on mode selected.

Power Source: Two 1.5V AA alkaline. Typically operates for up to 24 hours.


Display Views:  

  • Large Digits: Standard thickness view
  • B-Scan: Scan Bar: 10 thickness readings per second; viewable in B-Scan and Large Digit views
  • Pulse-Echo Mode:  Measures from 0.65 to 400.0mm (0.025 to 15.748 inches)
  • Echo-Echo Mode: Measures from 3.0 to 25.0mm (0.118 to 1.00 inch) thru paint & coatings. Range will vary +/- depending on the thickness of coating.

Resolution: +/-0.01mm (0.001 inches)

Velocity Range: 1000 to 9999 meters/sec

Display Units: Metric & English

Transducer : Dual Element (2 to 10 MHz) with cable length 1.25m.

Custom transducers and cable lengths  available for special applications.

Memory: Built-in TIF card                                                

                   Data Structure:  Letter +Alpha numeric

                   Cell Contents :10,000 readings

Gain, Gate and Blank: Adjustable

Standard Mode: For general purpose operation.

Minimum Mode: Only the minimum value is shown during testing.

Difference Mode: Shows accurate differential value between measured and reference value

Average Mode: The average value of 2 to 9 testing points is displayed.

Limit Mode: Set Hi and Lo tolerances with audible beeper and visual LEDs.

Warranty:  2 years

Standard Delivery

UT-410 main unit                                 2 AA batteries

D5301 transducer with cable             Calibration certificate

Built-in calibration block                    Instruction manual

Software and USB cable                      Carrying case

Coupling gel

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